Fall Prevention for Family, Friends, & Caregivers

Idea created by willettslinda on Jan 27, 2020

    I have found that adult children supporting their aging parents are very receptive to interventions, yet are often unaware of resources available. Many are helping their folks while at the same time still parenting their own children (the "sandwich generation.") Sometimes, the adult children are the best way to get Seniors what they need.  When providing information to Seniors themselves, there can be roadblocks such as denial, pride, protectiveness, and fear of consequences if others become aware of one's shortcomings. Below is a presentation to reach those caring for Seniors. NFPA Remembering When is utilized. The content is meant to be user friendly / visually appealing for a Smartphone, which is the way a large number of people access information. This content is on our Facebook page and website for example.  The original is a google document.  Links work only when in the PRESENT mode. 



    The attachment below is converted from the google doc to a power point.  Again, the links only work in SLIDESHOW mode.