Silicone RFID Fire Hydrant Bonnet Sleeve

Idea created by ozzieozburn on Feb 10, 2020

    I have a newly patented product to help first responders and municipalities find and upkeep fire hydrants. I was recently awarded a patent by the USPTO for a stretchy Silicone Fire Hydrant Bonnet Sleeve with RFID communications in NFPA-291, 5.2 coloration. These can be manufactured to fit the majority of fire hydrants in America. The near field communications allows a maintenance technician to document any inspection records, maintenance records, field testing, etc., to the RFID chip located inside the Silicone Sleeve. This information is always available to anyone near the fire hydrant who need to look at the records of that particular fire hydrant. This information can also be uploaded to the nearby municipality government or fire department server for future reference. Another function of the RFID chip serves to alert first responders to the whereabouts of the fire hydrant. This Silicone Sleeve can host either an active, battery operated RFID for further communications or a passive RFID for closer communications. My goal is to have the fire hydrant highly readable by first responders from a distance in case of an emergency. Time is of the essence and it would be nice that when the fire truck is turning into the subdivision, they can already read the GPM of the fire hydrants within a close proximity of the emergency. This makes it easier for the firefighters or first responders to select the fire hydrant that is most suitable for their needs based on the extent of the emergency. My patented idea can be seen at Thanks for your consideration and review of this product. Please visit my website to contact me or to find out more information.