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AVgas Loading Rack 

Question asked by efrain.santiago on Jul 21, 2020
Latest reply on Sep 8, 2020 by faizal_sharin

Hello Xchange


I have a question regarding NFPA 407. If a loading and unloading rack for an exiting fuel farm is located outside the perimeter fence ( the tank still inside the plant). It is required to have a perimeter fence? NFPA 407 states in Chapter 5, 5.2.1 Access to fuel storage and fuel vehicle loading areas shall be secured. Annex A states that the airport  perimeter fence can be sufficient to meet this requirement.  This loading rack is also located by a public road. The "security" statement in the standard is confusing me because, does not contemplate the loading rack outside or shall be inside the perimeter fence?  Any information will be appreciated.