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Announcement:Site Maintenance Announcement - New Xchange is Coming!
Click to view contentVehicles have changed significantly over the years. Modern vehicles present new hazards due to the incorporation of larger quantities of combustible materials (e.g., fuels, plastics, and synthetic materials) into their designs. As the popularity of alternative fuel vehicles has grown, concerns regarding their unique hazards, burn characteristics,… (Show more)
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NFPA 2001 Clarification. We are under an inert gas system design (IG-541) . Our system is class C fire and according to NFPA-2001 table A. minimun design concentration of 38.5% shall be used.   My concern is related to concetration target to calculate the discharge time. There are two paragraphs on NFPA-2001 that will divert to a… (Show more)
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As per the NFPA 2001, we shall be able to design an IG-541 Inert Gas system with a discharge time set at 60 seconds for class A & C fires. The standard allows increasing the discharge time up to 120 seconds for Class A and C fires. In reality, how do we achieve a 60-second discharge for such a system? Are we increasing the number of inert gas… (Show more)
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Reliance Fire Protection seeks Mechanical Engineer in Las Vegas, NV. Duties include: Assess life span of fire protection systems in corrosive environments to provide solution. Design & hydraulic calculations for systems using software such as HydraCAD, HydraCALC, and AutoCAD   Send resumes to:
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Hi every one I have some confusing about safety requirement and security requirement. for example:  if i have bank building it has three floor and basement, and the basement is a vault floor. so the security department have own requirement that not agree with safety requirement, so that once we do fire drill for all building but  the people in… (Show more)
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I was trying to reply to this post: Foam Sprinkler Test connection , but there's no where to click to reply. And then there's the issue of this Publish Location drop down that has a bunch of greyed out locations and then some that are not that are irrelevant. The only way to post is to choose an irrelevant one. That makes no sense? How do you… (Show more)
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I have a chemical distributor that is having trouble assigning a commodity classification to their products. They have more than 800 different types. The chemicals they carry do not fall neatly into the commodity classifications. As an AHJ I want to send them to the 2016 edition of NFPA 13, Chapters 13 --> Table 13.2.1 and Section 22.37 Hazardous… (Show more)
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