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I am using Aspirating Smoke Detectors in a factory. Do we need Third Party Certification for Pipes of Aspirating Smoke Detectors?
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Storing 14,500 Gallon Diesel in a Horizontal tank within a Dike area (outdoor / open to sky). As per NFPA 11, In which nowhere its talk about protection for horizontal tanks. So please suggest. Which Foam system is suitable to protect the hazard? Which NFPA and clauses to be referred?  
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Click to view contentCan I use an egress stairway for a non-egress purpose like accessing the building from the interior and up to the next story (Up, Vertical circulation) like the figure below, and what part of NFPA 101 discusses it?      
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Referring this clause "NFPA 850* Unless consideration of the factors in indicates otherwise, it is recommended that any oil-insulated transformer containing 500 gal (1893 L) or more of oil be separated from adjacent structures by a 2-hour–rated firewall or by spatial separation in accordance with Table Where a firewall is… (Show more)
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Click to view contentA late June wildfire in Utah that burned 467 acres and forced the evacuation of over 100 residents from 42 homes has been linked to teens playing with a Roman candle firework that ignited a hillside before spreading in high winds.  As the July 4th Independence Day Weekend approaches, we are all reminded that mishandled fireworks pose a great… (Show more)
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How can I find out which state adopted NFPA 72 as state law?
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UPDATE: With July 4 weekend just days away and Canada Day celebrations happening today (July 1), we want to remind everyone about the dangers of consumer fireworks. The blog post below highlights the damage incurred by fireworks each year, while our fireworks page offers several resources, including sharable social media content and access to our… (Show more)
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