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I have had a question for some time about operating molded case circuit breakers with or without PPE.  NFPA 70E states in table 130.5 that under normal conditions it is a low risk of exposure to an arc flash.  Then the table defines what normal conditions are.  One of those conditions is that the equipment has been maintained according to… (Show more)
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Does NFPA 101 permit the use of quarter landings (landings in L shaped stairs) in escape stairways?   I'm reviewing an architectural layout which needs to comply with NFPA 101 and the architect has done something unusual with the stairs.  Instead of the usual half landings which turn pedestrian traffic 180 degrees, he is using two quarter… (Show more)
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Click to view contentCan you use a equipment grounding conductor as a means of a bonding jumper for conduit. I have always used a separate wire for the bonding jumper.   r.
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See photos.  We have an area that we are planning on having sensitive protected material and the doors have glass in them and am being asked if the windows may be covered up or the doors replaced with solid doors.
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Could someone please help clarify what exactly is meant by "dual refill lines" in the following section of the NFPA 22:   14.5 Break Tanks.... 14.5.3 Refill Mechanism. The refill mechanism shall be listed and arranged for automatic operation. Dual automatic refill lines, each capable of refilling the tank at a minimum rate of 150… (Show more)
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I would like to confirm if fire suppression is required for an existing 3 story Class B structure (Private College) that is to be renovated. Could you please provide the Section so that i may research.
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In a multiple preaction system with several risers or preaction valves, can I use just one compressor to fill and maintain the pressure in all the systems? and If it possible to do that, how should I select the compressor?   Thanks in advance.
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NFPA 1852 section reads: Facepiece inspection shall include the following:  (3) Lens checked for holes, cracks, scratches, heat-damaged areas, and a proper seal with the facepiece material.   The SCBA mask lens is plastic in general term.  In 2013 all manufacturers were required to improve lens heat integrity.   I am an SCBA… (Show more)
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We have a scenario where we have a series of Restaurant kitchen exhaust hoods connected to a common exhaust duct in a mall. The building is sprinklered and wet chemical fire protection is provided to individual hoods. NFPA 96 allows the use of NFPA 13. As the building is sprinklered can we use from NFPA 13 to eliminate the requirement of… (Show more)
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Is there any code requirement to inspect path of egress light level on an annual basis?  With LED being used more often and known to fade over time, if there is not, shouldn't there be?  industrial hazards topic
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Is it not in line with NFPA 72 to have the horn/strobes in the AOR, silenced due to not being able to hear the voice-intercom in that area or maybe using a different tone/sound, like a chime only in the AOR?
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Good day, I need someone help me with the minimum size for a class II standpipe and branch lines. According to NFPA 14 7.6.1 class I and class III standpipe shall be at least 4 in. I have a class II design (by others) with standpipe of 3 in and branch lines with 2 in. I need to approve these drawings with the local authority (Panama) and they… (Show more)
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