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Has anyone encountered the situation that the use of two diesel pumps in one pumping room was questioned. One water tank. I'll appreciate any early answers.
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hi. i am little bit confused about fire hydrant testing.  what is the criteria to select the number of hydrants to flow during testing.  as per AHJ, the minimum acceptable residual pressure is 50 psi.    Thanks.
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Does anybody know where in NFPA 13, 2016 Edition, talks about Trash Enclosures.  I'm working on this project where the trash enclosure is 46'-9" away from the building.  Thank you 
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As you see on the drawing, 'The Operation center'  is an open from 1st floor to 2nd floor. (It shares one ceiling of 2nd floor, There's no ceiling on 1st floor)   In this situation, where should the sprinkler pipe be connected to? is it okay to connect the sprinkler pipe to the 2nd floor's floor control valve? or must be connected to 1st floor?3… (Show more)
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Hello, can anyone please tell me if there is any special certification required to perform the pulmonary function or audiometer part of fire fighter physicals such as NIOSH certification?    Thanks!
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We are being told that they cannot be used due to static build up  We are also being told they are fine if bonded? Multiple grounds per length of pipe. Who is right?  We are running and okay in one of our plants in Canada, and shut down in our second plant. The second plant says  remove the spiral pipe there is no mitigation, we also have to… (Show more)
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I am looking for standards related to NFPA 80 (ideally NFPA or UL Designs) for 3-hour rated hollow metal doors and frames built into wood construction. We have been using ASW 2600 by the Gypsum Association together with two 3 hour wood framed walls (essentially 3 walls stacked together) using break away clips to allow each outside wall to collapse… (Show more)
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Is it required in a hospital healthcare (Level II Trauma Center) setting that air conditioning equipment serving patient care areas be wired to emergency power? 
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Hi every one,   What is the safe distance to install the fire hydrant & monitor in the LPG filling plant?   Please support your answer with NFPA or related code.
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