A office manager is telling their staff to allow wheelchair bound persons access to the elevator during a fire as long as office personnel inform firefighters on the egress floor. This is a non-ambulatory office building on a hospital campus. Is this valid?
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Click to view contentWe built a new hotel and connected it to the existing hotel. The new hotel has its own fire pump and distribution line. The existing hotel has standard response sprinklers.   Can we adopt 9.4.3 (5) and install standard response to the new hotel?       Big thanks for your input.
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Is it permitted by NEC to use a conduit reducer in an underground installation of PVC? We would like to reduce from 2 1/2" to 2" PVC for an underground service conduit system.
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Dear all ,    Sub : Foam sprinkler system Design:    one of my ongoing project , Foam water sprinkler system is required to protect the generator area of 675 square meter . as per NFPA 16 ,Design area shall be 465 square meter. if protection area of the generator is more than 465 square meter , shall i consider 2 system separately for generator… (Show more)
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Dear NFPA members I have following question on NFPA-55-   As per Table 6.2.1 Design and Number of Control Areas, it indicates that it is only allowed to have 4 Control Areas per floor per building.  In case of single story buildings with large area, does that still limit the total number of control areas to 4 , or is there a way to address this… (Show more)
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Hello everyone, I would like to ask your opinion pertaining to the requirements of the minimum required distance of pipe supports from the discharge nozzle of a Clean agent system particular to FM200. I check with the deferent manufacturer design manual and I found that only the spacing distance between supports was provided but not the minimum… (Show more)
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Is it ok to put an electric heater (radiator) and its electric outlet in the bathroom, if yes what are the minimum distances from the shower and wash sink that are required?
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#In a sprinkler design already reviewed by the Design Engineer, can the installer add more sprinklers to the system without letting the designer know? Or it is the designer who should review this new owner requirement due to design omission
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When you have a Class I standpipe system with four additional required standpipe riser in each exit stair way, you will have 500 GPM for the first two hydraulically remote outlet of standpipe plus 250 GPM each for the remaining two standpipe.  You will have 1000 GPM per section  and section of 2013 NFPA 14.  Per section 7.8.1… (Show more)
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Dear all. I am confused about miscellaneous storage in NFPA 13:2019. For example: For OH2, article 4.3.4 states that I can have "stockpiles of moderate to high combustibility that do not exeed 12ft". It does not give any further restriction about eg. area of stockpiles. From this I conclude that, as long as the combustibility is not "very high",… (Show more)
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