Need to know the newest requirements on POTS line vs Radio communication for a fire panel dialer. Whats the required way that my fire panels should be using in today's requirements.
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. Hi, At present we have two 500,000 gallon open lagoons for fire sprinkler water. At present we have drained down these for cleaning and inspection. One of the reservoirs has 2 bulbous 12" strainers at the suction inlet to the fire pumps. These sit just above floor level. The other lagoon doesn't have one. My questions are   1)Does anyone know… (Show more)
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Good Afternoon,        I have a question hopefully I can get some help on. I was troubleshooting a recepticle in co-op apartment that is not working. I went to the circuit breaker panel and when I opened the panel door I noticed the ground going out to all the receptacles is tied to the neutral bar and there is no ground tied to the actual ground… (Show more)
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In an storage area (storage material will be plastic bottles for juice and milk) we have to provide sprinkler system. Although, the storage hazard is light but client is asking for sprinkler system. The ceiling height is 20 meters. We cannot provide false ceiling and also we cannot provide in rack sprinklers.    My question is what type of… (Show more)
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Since the 2014 edition, 240.21(B)(1)(1)(b) has allowed a 10 ft feeder tap to terminate on "equipment containing an overcurrent device" as an alternative to terminating directly on an OCPD.   I would like to connect utilization equipment (in this case, EVSE for vehicle charging) to a feeder tap. The EVSE manufacturer asserts that, because there is… (Show more)
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I have a question on the 2020 NEC code – definition of a term.  In Article 100 (70-35)  there is a definition for “Dwelling Unit”.  It states: A single unit ….. My question is what is the definition of “single unit”?  Plus, specifically:      Could  this be an apartment in a complex of many apartments or an apartment in a very large high rise… (Show more)
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Click to view content  To whom it may concern,   Good day!!!   I encountered a scenario in the hospital basement, tunnel / trench are attached to the basement (please find attached image with information for reference), Do i have to consider the maximum travel distance of 61 meters? If so it will exceed the allowable maximum distance stated in the code.Is there any… (Show more)
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As per NFPA 101 , the multiple occupancies of separated occupancy type are to be separated from each other by fire barriers as in Multiple occupancies of mixed type  the separation requirements are not noted except the hazardous areas protection, so in an educational occupancy a dining/lunch area with more than 50 people is… (Show more)
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I've got an existing operational industrial building that will have a new sprinkler system installed. As per NFPA 15-2017, Section, the spray nozzles must be tested. Read verbatim: The water discharge patterns from all of the spray nozzles shall be observed to verify the following: (1) Patterns are not impeded by plugging of… (Show more)
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Hi, needing help in solving this problem.   Based on NFPA 14 : 1 standpipe can operate maximum flow rate at 379 l/min and for our plant the total standpipe needed is 7 based on theoretical demand rate on each equipment based on NFPA 15.   However, my ME decided to put 9 standpipe due to space limitation which mentioned on NFPA 14 where the valve… (Show more)
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Does the local fire rescue department have the authority to mandate that an existing facility that was last renovated and compliant with code in 1993 be retrofitted with a sprinkler system?
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I have a office that needs to have power for a refrigerator.. Put I have only 2 options  1. run a new line to the  appliance 2. run a extension cord with a gfci..   I know i can do the first one. But the second not so sure. Any answers   Thanks
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