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Good day,   Could anyone please provide son guidance on why this underground section collapsed? This is one of the connections from the 8” loop to a riser system which services a sprinkler branch.  The pumps consist of two 2,000 gpm @ 130 psi.  Previous hydro tests where successfully completed to the entire loop, there are 11 sprinkler systems… (Show more)
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If I have a ESFR system that ask for 250gpm for hose allowance and I add 100 at base of riser for inside hose. I have been using 150gpm outside and 100gpm inside(connect a base of riser or to another system) for a total of 250gpm.
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I know painted the devices (initiating and notification) is not allowed. Are the back-boxes they are mounted to allowed to be painted? I can't find anything other than the typical "Devices must be installed per manufacturer's instructions" kind of thing. Normally the instructions will be must be mounted to a listed/approved devices.     Thank… (Show more)
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Good day Forum   Do you have any recommendations for fire rated wires to be used in an area experiencing heavy sea blast? the bare copper connections are turning black and corroding.   thank you.
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Trying to figure out the chemicals for the following NFPA codes     blue 1  red 4 yellow 0    blue 2 red 2 yellow 0
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where in the NEC do I find requirements for automotive repair and service facilities?
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 This is regarding a new clubhouse/apartment building in New York state.  There will be a 2-hour use group separation between the A-3 Clubhouse and the R-2 apartment building.
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Are there any municipalities out there that are taking the stance that Short Term Rentals (Air BnB, et als) are actually Rooming and Lodging and not One and Two Family dwellings? We've been told that in other forums this has been discussed and possibly used. The Definition in Chapter 26 says "sleeping accommodations for 16 or fewer persons on… (Show more)
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Is it possible to install fire dampers on #firewalls? And if it is 4 hours rated firewall?   Can you provide any #NFPA 1 and #NFPA 221 reference for this?   Also, which approvals are required for this equipment?
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In residential, single family new construction, is it necessary for all low voltage cabling passing between floors, within walls or ceilings to be riser rated? Secondly, if low voltage cabling will be passing from inside to outside, does the cabling need to be grounded in a specific manner and within a specific distance to it entry/exit point?  
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Good Morning All,   I would like to ask, when you calculate flow (base calculation) do you include coefficient or excess?   For example: CMDA 0.30gpm/ft2 (12.2 mm/min) x 2500 ft2 (232 m2) = approximately 750 gpm (2831 L/min) x 1.4 = 1050 gpm (3964 L/min)   1.4 is for disturbance flow excess/coefficient is this correct to add?    ESFR… (Show more)
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Looking for input from NFPA here as well as others...   I have come across some circumstances that I can't give direct answers to regarding the application of Some have asked just what type of "maintenance work" requires the inspection and testing in accordance with 5.2.3. Does this include such maintenance work as adjusting the closer… (Show more)
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