Hello Experts,   Can anyone help me out with Types of Fire Protection and detection system used in Road Tunnels / Metro Tunnels with NFPA codes and standards to be followed.   Hope for prompt responses.     Regards! Rehan
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Hello my question is regarding the applicability of NFPA 30 to a class IIIA combustible liquid. Suppose my mixture's flashpoint is at 150 degrees F. So it's not a "flammable liquid" under NFPA classification but only a "combustible liquid". I am reading that NFPA 30 requirements apply to storing liquids that are both combustible and flammable. If… (Show more)
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would a hangar consturcted out of PEMB with a SF area of 16,250 SF, an office space within the hangar of 1,800 SF and an eave height of considered a Group 2 or Group 3 hangar?
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How does a company get their product certified in regards to the NFPA 1192 standard?
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Good Day,   In the process of setting appropriate safe work conditions for use on various pieces of electrical equipment, the team at my organization has uncovered some questions on appropriately applying the 50 V threshold for de-energized work.       Is anyone aware and willing to share the rationale behind the selection of 50 V as the… (Show more)
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Is it required to install a sprinkler head in a small telecommunication closet (not located in a residential building)?  Is there a minimum size to be considered according to NFPA 13?   Aside of residential occupancies, I cannot find anything in regards to it in NFPA 13.
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In regards to fire watches in a hospital setting, what exactly are they looking for in establishment of a temporary water supply.#lifesafety 
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Good Afternoon,    When removing covers from electrical panels but leaving the deadfront in place are employees required to wear Arc Flash protection and follow approach boundaries? This is commonly done for visual investigation.    I understand that employees must be protected from exposed energized parts. The definition of Exposed (as applied… (Show more)
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This Plant is used for producing Cans  It consists of an oven and extrusion machine and painting machines (spray) The Production Area = 3500 M2 The height of the Production Area is 11 m The number of lines is 4 lines
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Red triangle Stickers are often pasted on the window of tall buildings as firemen access. My question is, In this technological era, do you think the firemen must break the glass window with a hammer to save people? Is there any new technology to open the windows from the outside? What if this was in a hospital NICU ward? How effective is pasting… (Show more)
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For Commercial Kitchens, are Walk-In Coolers and Dry Storage considered occupied space and if so, is the occupancy 500SF/Person? (2018 NFPA 101 Table  Storage Use for other than Mercantile Occupancies)
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Conductors in a cable tray are installed per 392.80(A)(2)(d) and both ends of the conductors emerge from the cable tray and terminate in equipment with 75C rating. Since the conductors are installed per 392.80(A)(2)(d), with proper spacing then, Table 310.15.(B)(20) can be applied, but when the conductors exit the cable tray to terminate in… (Show more)
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