I have a 6 floors new residential building ( about 22 m height and 800 m2 area ), with four aparments per floor. it will be very difficult from the owner side to install sprinkler system. Is there any chance/code reference to avoid sprinkler system within this building, consdering stand pipe and fire extinguishers only?
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Post any LINKS to "light pole electrocution" here.  Similar to this one would be great:
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Our jurisdiction requires the bonding of metallic Babyguard fencing posts within five feet of the pool's water's edge. We consider the posts as fixed, not permanent but fixed in place as installed into the pool deck with fiberglass sleeves. We consider this comparable to metal window frames installed in a wall within the five foot distance. We do… (Show more)
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We have a 4160V wye system that is grounded via a high resistance ground system and we are trying to determine the insulation level of the phase conductors.   We’ve referred to Table 310.104(E) but it doesn’t give any mention to 5kV cable above 100% insulation level.     Note 1 (100 percent insulation level) says: “Cables in this category shall… (Show more)
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Dear my colleagues, I'm new to prepare for CFPS exam. My question: do i need to study by deeply reading all the content for CFPS exam from Fire Protection Handbook or only to know perfectly the technique of quickly searching in the handbook during the exam?
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Dear Sirs. Please advise. What is the minimum area of Electrical room required Clean Agent protection system? Please confirm the NFPA clause refers to the above.
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Does anybody know where in NFPA 13, 2016 Edition, talks about Trash Enclosures.  I'm working on this project where the trash enclosure is 46'-9" away from the building.  Thank you 
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Is it required in a hospital healthcare (Level II Trauma Center) setting that air conditioning equipment serving patient care areas be wired to emergency power? 
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As you see on the drawing, 'The Operation center'  is an open from 1st floor to 2nd floor. (It shares one ceiling of 2nd floor, There's no ceiling on 1st floor)   In this situation, where should the sprinkler pipe be connected to? is it okay to connect the sprinkler pipe to the 2nd floor's floor control valve? or must be connected to 1st floor?3… (Show more)
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Hi, my company is looking to perform an inspection on a facility to ensure it complies with NEC regulations. Are there any resources to assist with this aside from just referencing the code book directly? Perhaps a spreadsheet already made that has fields to verify NEC compliance?
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hi. i am little bit confused about fire hydrant testing.  what is the criteria to select the number of hydrants to flow during testing.  as per AHJ, the minimum acceptable residual pressure is 50 psi.    Thanks.
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Hi everyone,   If I complete the online "CFPS Core Learning Online Training Series" then will I be ready to take the CFPS Exam?   Although I am not specifically a "fire protection" engineer (I am more a general mechanical engineer) I would like to consolidate my general knowledge, fill in the gaps, and have a good all round understanding of… (Show more)
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