Richard Nason
Code edition evolved is Life Safety101, 2009. I have an existing building, non- sprinkled and not fire alarmed, that has multiple business occupancies, no other occupancies involved. It is 2 stories in height and is a Type V (000) construction type. The building’s main entrance has a foyer with a stair located in the center of the building. On… (Show more)
in Building & Life Safety
Leonel Antonio garay
I work in a 34.5 Kv plant. We must to calculate the incident energy but we don´t know what is the most appropriate method. Some people have told me about the "IEEE 1584: Guide for performing arc flash calculations" but this guide calculate for 208 v to 15 Kv.    Help please,
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James Stiles
Is there a resource for determining what group a combustible material belongs to if it is not listed in NFPA 497, Table 4.4.2.  In this instance: 4-Ethyltoluene 1,2,4-Trimethylbenzene 1,3,5-Trimethylbenzene
in Electrical
Andy Andersen
The formula uses Kst, Filter Volume & Pred to calculate a pressure developed. This is applied to the number of vents in a system. The idea being to find a weight in Kg/m2 that a deflagration panel may have before the size must be compensated. Without detailed knowledge of the background of the equation I cannot confirm my hunch that there is a… (Show more)
in Code Enforcement
Greg Nykiel
How do I apply for Firewise recognition for my community? I can't see on the site where to get started. Thank you.
in Public Education
Kyla Caponigro
How would this innovation change how you respond to emergencies?  
in Emergency Response
samer mahran
is smoke control system required at corridors in high rise buildings? as per NFPA 5000  33.3.6 said it shall be designed
in Building & Life Safety
Gennadiy Begelman
To Whom It May Concerns,   I am a project manager at a final signal design unit.   Could you share any interpretation information or suggestions for the article 314.28 (Pull Box Sizing). Pull box size defined as 8 x largest conduit diameter. Does it apply to all types of pull boxes/handholes? Are there any exceptions?   The typical MnDOT approved… (Show more)
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Kelly Ingold
I'm wondering if there is a round logo with FPW on it like the sticker you sell? 
in Public Education
Richard Roland
When will the 2017 C&E Audio and Videos from the NFPA Annual Conference be available?
in Building & Life Safety
Ashik Pandikasala
As per NFPA 13, Table Temperature range for ordinary hazard is between 57°C to 77°C. What is the criteria to select between 57°C and 68°C sprinkler temperature rating for ordinary hazard?
in Fire Protection Systems
olivier labreche
2013 Edition NFPA 80 Rolling Steel Fire Doors,   During a drop test on a Rolling fire door, do I have to remove the fusible link that retaining an handle break (the release devices) to drop the door, or activate the handle without removing the fusible link?   the Rolling fire door is a brand new REYNOR Lawrence Doors, model FGH Series,… (Show more)
in Industrial Hazards
Normand Racine
Is it possible to install a remote-controlled electric main valve for emergency closing in the event of a pipe breakage. This valve will be activated from a security control room located in the same building by a preventive agent trained for this action.
in Fire Protection Systems
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