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can we consider geypsum walls  when it come to fire zoning in hospitals, would that be in compliance? 
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good morning You can help me that standard number requires me to fire a short door in a room with an emergency generator with a 12,000 liter fuel tank and a panel of 34 electric energy meters. The building is an airport. Agradesco in advance the information.
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Dear Sir, I am an NFPA member and my membership # 2715059. I am working on the design of Fire Pump System for a Power Plant whereby there is a comment from the local AHJ in Malaysia.   Under the NFPA 850, 20, 25, 14 and 13 is there any requirement that the common Fire Pump System (Electrical and Diesel plus Jockey Pump) which is sized with a… (Show more)
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I am new to ESFR systems and I need to know whether or not a warehouse roof may support the weight of an ESFR sprinkler installation. In order to make sure that the roof won't collapse, my question is: What are the main differences between ESFR and other types in terms of structural calculations   Any additional information might be of great use… (Show more)
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I'm looking for guidance on fire protection for underneath long, wide tables at floor level. AS system is sufficient but the table tops are solid plywood well over 20 sq. ft. The tables stand 42-45" tall, and while there is open space below, there are numerous scenarios where combustible materials will wind up below, including daily trash… (Show more)
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Does anyone know of a checklist or an inventory or requirements per code that may apply to a specific industry or business. What I am really looking for is a summary list with requirements per each code. Something similar to the attachment. Maybe even an audit form to help narrow what standards apply. #Easy Code Finding Requirements
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When it is necessary and compulsory to use a pilot valve in a Diesel fire equipment installation?
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I am trying to determine CO detector spacing for a large lab that has many gas turrets throughout the space. I can't find a manufacturer that has listed spacing for CO detectors. Has anyone else run into this issue before?
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Your insight is highly appreciated pertaining the installation of pre- action control valve above the suspended falls ceiling, with adequate access. Dose it violate NFPA 13 ? 
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Has anyone seen any computer modelling to show fire behavior in "Tiny Houses"? Many of these dwellings have loft sleeping areas with ceiling/roof windows for escape. It would seem that given the minimal cubic footage, that heat and smoke would be drawn very rapidly to the point of egress. While all major code sets have required fire sprinklers in… (Show more)
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This table makes no sense to me. Under what circumstances would you calculate more than 12 ESFR heads to require a hose allowance more than 250gpm? When the * says you don't include those added due to obstructions.
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