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Project location: Bangladesh Pump Capacity: 1500 GPM Pump Head: 14 bar. According to code for sprinkler pressure should not exceed 12 bar. So we need to use PRV upto certain height. If each PRV require to use by pass system , we also need to use valve and does that valve need to be supervised? Could anyone please suggest regarding this as per

Do jockey pump also requires hollow shaft motor as per NFPA 20, clause no. or those requirements are only applicable to main/Fire pumps?
Millions of people across the world are renting or hosting peer-to-peer hospitality services, such as Airbnb and Vacation Rentals by Owner. According to property management experts, on any given night, two million people are staying in Airbnb rentals somewhere in the world. Safety requirements vary across jurisdictions and not all facilities are
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I installed an outdoor  hot tub about a week ago, the outside of the tub is plastic we poured a concrete slab with rebar since the hot tub  is made out of plastic all surroundings of the hot tub are made out of plastic the control are plastic 680.26  (A) Performance Equipotential bonding is intended to reduce
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  As so often is the case when you work in building and life safety, and strive to bring attention to potential hazards, a tragic incident has occurred to underscore the concerns and opportunities noted in this blog. Newsweek reports that, a 67-year old, oxygen-dependent Northern California man with COPD and congestive heart failure, died