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If I have a hypothetical 480/277V, 3 Phase, 4 wire feed to a distribution panel. (Spare panel for future use, we do not know the load) Do you de-rate because it is 4 wire? Following 310.15(B)(5)(c) If the majority is non-linear (meaning greater than 50%?) we would de-rate because of 4 wire. (Correct?) Or does this apply only to a branch circuit,… (Show more)
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Air supply piping from and air compressor. I see that some air compressors are connected with stainless steel braided hose. Does this hose have to be listed for fire protection use? I can’t seem to locate any relevant information in NFPA 13. 
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Hi, I'm working on a hangar project which is a Membrane-Covered Rigid-Steel-Frame-Structure Hangar. The hangar has a 6800 m2 fire area. With regard to fire protection system design as per NFPA 409-Chapter 9, I'll proceed with high-expansion foam system as specified in states the following "The application total discharge… (Show more)
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Hi, the topic is fire sprinkler system in a big aquapark. What about internal swimming pool with many plastic slides. I think above swimming pool sprinklers are needed to protect construction of building. What about density in this area? I cant imagine sprinkler under slides, there will be obstruction. What about it?   Best regards Joanna… (Show more)
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The criteria I know are as follows   According to NFPA.13 chapter 17, ESFR protection provided with in rack sprinkler. Maximum ceiling/roof height is 45ft.   =============================================================================  Do you have the following criteria?   "no limits on building height with in-rack sprinklers."   Thank you… (Show more)
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In Laser Tag Arenas, there are team Bases. Each project has different themes and therefore have different designs for Bases. Most Bases have an overhead element connected to 2-4 walls.   Question: What specific rules would these structures need to follow, in-order to NOT need a sprinkler under / inside the structure?
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Is there a requirement for a minimum distance between a buried 33 000 KV line and a natural gas line? If so what is this minimum distance? Where can further information be found on this subject? Thank you.
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Hello all,    We recently had to upgrade all of our products to run with Design B energy-efficient motors. After a few weeks we started getting customer complaints of nuisance tripping. After investigating we discovered the new motors have much higher inrush ratings.    For example: Motor FLA was 13.1, with inrush spikes up to 194 A. Our thermal… (Show more)
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Does this building require a suppression system?    Conditions:       Existing motel built in the late 1960s    Abandoned (4-6 years)      Under remodel (new drywall, plumbing, electrical, mechanical)     60 units    12,000 sq foot building      Fire resistive (cement block) construction     Two stories     Rooms exit to the parking lot… (Show more)
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 Is it sufficient to install the normal lights connected to generator or we have to install emergency lights operated by batteries inside the hospital and which area required to installed emergency lights and which NFPA cover this matter 
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Setup: turnstiles are less than 48" high in a multi-floor office building. Card reader on the unsecured side of the turnstile coming in. No reader on the outbound side of the turnstile, will open up upon presence of a person for an adjustable time.   If this turnstile is in the path of egress, do we need to have the turnstile open for 30sec… (Show more)
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Is a HAZMAT Team required to respond to a car/vehicle accident involving ANY Electric Vehicle(EV)? Is this a nationwide requirement? A state requirement (which state(s)? OR - just a suggestion determined by Local Authority?
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I am doing a code compliance review of a building and am wondering what the requirements are for fire-rated doors for electrical rooms. Does anyone know where in NFPA it would state these requirements?   Thank you!
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