Dave Roth
What is the difference between sections 700 and 701?  700 says 'required facilities' and 701 says 'legally required'.  I think 702 applies to us (warehouse and small manufacturing space), but I want to be sure I don't miss something.
in Electrical
Cynthia Reynoso
In  the 101 life safety code , specifically the section for hazardous areas ( 7.11.6)  it is mentioned  that exit devices may be allowed for emergency exit doors, and I understood that  specifically panic devices where required as a must  for emergency exit doors.  Is it appropriate to leave the door open, just with a pull handle and push plate or… (Show more)
in Building & Life Safety
Georges Karam
NFPA 13 and omission of sprinkler system: We are in the process of building a pyrolysis plant where pyrolysis gas and carbon black are by product.  The fire from both cannot be extinguished by water, and in addition the use of water directly on the fire will cause additional hazards.  A foam system is needed for dealing with the fires.… (Show more)
in Industrial Hazards
I work as an outsourced IT HelpDesk position in a school district that wants us to install wire molding to conceal extension cords and Ethernet cables. Ethernet cables yeah sure that's fine they are under 50 volts, but as I understand extension cords are not supposed to be used in place of a permanent outlet especially if it is in the ceiling. The… (Show more)
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Thomas Waghorn
Hi  I have a question regarding the distance from the hsw sprinkler to a ventilation outlet that is placed about 25mm from the sprinkler head. The sprinkler deflector is not obstructed by the ventilation. But my concern is that the air will cool the sprinkler so much that the sprinkler activation will be delayed. Is this ok? I can't find anything… (Show more)
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Scott Haney
I am an electrical novice.   In and industrial setting, is it required by NFPA 70/70E to lockout a 120v standard breaker (like a household breaker), where the breaker has not been designed to take a lock? Is a tagout device acceptable for standard 120v breakers? Does it matter if the equipment was designed pre- or post-1990?
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carl mister
See attached sketch for fire pump controller neutral. Fire pump controller has the service disconnecting means and transfer switch. The phase conductors on the normal side will be tapped in a separate section at the main switchboard. Since this is a service, per 250.24(c) the grounded conductor (neutral) needs to terminate at the service switch… (Show more)
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Kevin Wedman
Are there any exceptions that allow for more than five appurtenances between section valves on the main line?
in Fire Protection Systems
charles vanmeter
I am a apprentice and recently we ran 2-2-2 AL wire from a main panel on a grain bin under ground in schedule 80 PVC to a cow barn but we did not run a ground conducter with the current carrying wire. I asked if this was correct and my employer advised. Grounded neutral conductors serving another building from a main building: Sec. 250-32(b)(2).… (Show more)
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Jeramie Morris
NFPA 400, IFC and FM Datasheets call out pile storage arrangements. I understand and accept this arrangement.  Since rack storage is not mentioned in any of the documents, I am curious if there was ever data to show rack storage was too much fire risk.  Any test burn data?  Historical documents? 
in Industrial Hazards
Aaron Brouwer
I saw in our Manufacturers Guidelines that it states in BOLD and UNDERLINE not to machine dry turnout gloves but no reason was given.  I asked them about it and they couldn't give me a solid reason for this as they said they were not part of NFPA 1851.  So now I am reaching out to you guys. I looked at NFPA 1851 and it basically says the same… (Show more)
in Emergency Response
Dear All,   In firefighting pipelines, Dia 150mm maximum how many sprinklers can be installed (light / ordinary Hazard).    Maxi sprinklers count with loop / Maxi sprinklers with the loop.   kindly suggest!!!
in Fire Protection Systems
Van Vu Nguyen
Dear NFPA,   My site has an issue with the fire main, it could not maintain the supply pressure. I suspect there is a leakage with the underground fire main. In such scenarios, what actions/techniques are recommended to identify the leakage point?   Thanks very much for your support. Vu
in Fire Protection Systems
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