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A 70,000 sq ft rack storage warehouse is being built with sprinklers at the ceiling and in-rack sprinklers in the racks.  How many sprinkler systems need to be installed in the warehouse?
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Hi, I have questions about the NFPA 101 required number of means of egress for a condo unit.  I've read through Ch 7.4 and 31.2.4 and seemingly related sections but some of the terminology confuses me (even after reading definitions) due to my lack of experience with this topic (I am a homeowner).   Question: Is an additional 3rd floor emergency… (Show more)
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The residential fire statistic that seems to be consistent is: A. 20% of all structure fires produce a death B. 80% of deaths occur in residential fire C. 50% of deaths occur in apartment fires D. 40% of deaths occur in residential fires   (I was thinking answer A made the most sense, but can't find any stats on this.)
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Which of the following sprinklers is designed to suppress a fire in a storage warehouse rather than just control it? A. K-8 spray sprinkler B. K-11.2 spray sprinkler C. K-5.6 spray sprinkler D. ESFR sprinkler E. Large drop sprinkler (I thought it was answer E but would like to confirm.)
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Our question deals with NFPA 704-2017, Standard System for the Identification of the Hazards of Materials for Emergency Response. We plotted the NFPA 704-2017 hazard rating reading (legibility) distances and hazard rating inches from Figure 9.1(c) on a line chart. We put hazard rating inches along the horizontal axis (or x axis), and we put… (Show more)
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Was does code NFPA1.10.1.7 reference?
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Per NFPA 130 ( and, rail stations are required to be a Type of construction as defined by NFPA 220, in accordance with NFPA 101, Chapter 12 (Enclosed = Type I or II / Unenclosed = Any type of construction).  Per NFPA 101 (since the 2012 edition), any non-sprinklered assembly is limited to an occupant load of 300.  Table 12.1.6… (Show more)
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Due to recent events on-site, we are either removing or re-thinking the fire protection scheme in our electrical switch houses.   In our industrial facility, we have several electrical switch houses and power distribution centers that have no fire suppression systems. Plant operators and staff must routinely enter these buildings and take…
Click to view contentGood morning chapter (d) (e) indicates the position of sprinklers for Double-row racks protection, what happens if the two racks do not have the same step ? In my case one of the two racks has a different beam length (always to support two pallets) and in this case the central sprinklers in the longitudinal flue space are not aligned with… (Show more)
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Dear Sirs. In what case is necessary to install sprinklers in escalator steel truss for Metro Systems?, in My understanding If we apply water to extinguish any fire produced by electrical equipment (cables and motor) can increase the electrocution risk, is not better to fight the fire with Portable extinguisher or keep close one hose reel cabinet… (Show more)
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Could someone tell me where can I find ceiling manufacturer that has open ceiling that fulfills this requirements: the open grid is a minimum of 70% open, and the open grid is a maximum of 6 mm deepor the open grid is a minimum of 70% open, and the open grid is a maximum of 13 mm deep   Best regards, Michal Lein  
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