Good day, I wanna limit the shutoff pressure of the firewater pump to a value equal to 105% of the rated head without installing a PCV on the discharge manifold. A supplier offered a pressure sensor to control the shutoff pressure. Is it compliant to the requirements of the NFPA 20 or not cause I didn't find an answer.
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I have a question about storage of lithium batteries.  Our company converts gas powered commercial vehicles into electric, we will possibly have on hand 108, 32kwh, 333v nominal, Lithium Nickel Manganese Cobalt Oxide (LiNiMnCoO2) — NMC batteries.  What if any are the storage requirements with these batteries or any lithium battery
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I have a 4000A, 480V main service with 1200A feeder breakers.  These breakers have energy reduction mode and I can run the analysis with and without this.  For example, at a board, with the reduction switch turned ON, it is 4.2 Cal and Level 3, with the switch OFF, it is 5.1 Cal and still level 3.  For AF stickers, do you provide one with ON and… (Show more)
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Click to view contentIn an apartment building, there is a meter stack, with main tapbox rated at 800A. total 25 meters are supplied from this tapbox using 800A horizontal bus. Tap box is 33 inches wide. combined meter stacks and tapbox width is over 6 ft. Does the door to this room require panic hardware?  
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Click to view contentHas anyone seen a sign like this before at an elevator? Do you know if there is a standard that dictates these requirements? I have looked at NFPA 45 and IFC and so far I have not been able to figure out where this requirement came from?
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 We are wiring a new two-story self storage building in New Jersey. The steel is done and the concrete decks are poured. We went in and installed temporary wiring to approved LED construction lights on each floor as well as GFI temporary receptacles. We used 12/2 NM cable as the temporary wiring method from the panel board to each light location.… (Show more)
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What is the occupancy classification of an emergency generator building?  The building is 250 sq. ft. and it is dedicated to the house the emergency generator. I'm contemplating Industrial occupancy and Storage occupancy.   Thanks, everyone.
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As per NFPA 14 ( if a standpipe is serving 3 hose reels at a particular floor then we must accommodate 750 gpm thru it. If I have a building that is spread over a large area but a pump that is limited to 500 gpm, does this mean I have to give separate stand pipes to every 2 hose reels? There are many hose reels installed but if I… (Show more)
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I have a safety question for you. Got hit on audit about sign on fire rated door. They want us to train staff on fire door requirements. Where would I find such?
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Lightning protection systems NFPA 780 and NFPA 70 article 250.60 and 250.106   I have a design with has multiple towers on these towers the manufacturer has lighting strike protection, the tower is aluminum they have supplied a 5 foot ground round a 6 foot piece of #6 insulated copper wire and connectors to attach to the structure and ground rod.… (Show more)
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A few months ago, NFPA told me the following regarding the size of the special hazard ratings in comparison to the number ratings for NFPA 704, “The minimum dimensions of the hazard ratings (which include the special hazard symbols) are specified in figure and table so as long as they scale within those minimum dimensions, that is… (Show more)
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Can low voltage wire, such as data cable be ran through sch. 40 PVC (for aesthetic reason, using it as a cable run) in a non suppressed school building. There was concern with the PVC giving off toxic fumes if subject to heat or flame. My first thought was, all the plastic in the building would give off some form of toxic fumes, why would the PVC… (Show more)
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Hi everyone, I am designing a system that has automatic sprinklers, deluge system, hoses and hydrants. Once I finish the hydraulic calculation of the systems working together, when I try to select the pump system, in NFPA 20 (2016) 4.9.1 it sais: "A centrifugal fire pump for fire protection shall be selected so that the greatest single demand for… (Show more)
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