A client of ours proposed an alternative for passive protection system on stair enclosures by applying intumescent paint to beams and columns surrounding the enclosures. However, the intumescent paint was applied only on primary beam, excluding the secondary beam. Is there any clause in NFPA that explains the application of fire coatings to… (Show more)
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Constantly get multi family / Hotels etc and architects calling for NFPA 13 instead of 13R often finding out that it only needed 13R and it seems the architects are applying 13 as a ways to cover their selves. I realize there are trade offs in the IBC/IFC to step the system up to 13 vs 13R such as fire ratings, SF, bldg heights, etc. but often I… (Show more)
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In my city a hospital equipped with a fire pump has decided to replace the existing pump "voluntarily" because it is approaching it's end of life (their words). The question is when replacing this pump should they be installing a new pump in compliance with the current codes? I believe they should, just looking for everyone's thoughts.   thank… (Show more)
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Looking for the Occupancy group number for a Gasoline tank 1000 gallons store in a free standing structure with 4 walls and a roof system, made of concrete block walls. this question came out from the fire department review of the plans for permitting.  I looked and got confused as to best determine the group number. HELP!
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My facility has in house Sprinkler, Extinguisher, Fire Door, Fire Pump, Fire Alarm, ETC.. testing that at the moment we print off our reports on MIcrosoft Word document and bring with us then come back to the office to manually enter the changes. Is there a program out there being used by a contractor or in house inspector like myself that we can… (Show more)
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main lug subpanel  I was working on a 200 amp panel and I came across a sub-panel 8 space 8 circuit maxed out  that has an overcurrent protection 2 pole 30 amp with a 10/3wire  the 200 amp is maxed out.     Q: wherein the code# NFPA 70# dose it mentions the minimum conductor size for sub-panel?#    P.S i checked in article 408 
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Kindly clarify exact relation between Fire load and Hazard category of  an occupancy/Industry (Light/Ordinary/High) in perspective of designing fire protection system of an industry.....      
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Click to view contentIn Chapter 5 in NFPA 2001, edition 2018  There is a table, Table Atmospheric Correction Factors.   ¿What would be my correction factor if my equivalent altitude is over 14,000 ft?    
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Just want some feedback from other sprinkler companies on what software they are using. 
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I just want to clarify what is the reason for including car stackers in NFPA13 2016 edition to be in Extra Hazard Group 2?
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Have a pedestrian footbridge crossing the highway road and am looking for the NFPA code that tells the fire and life safety requirements for this kind of facility?  The footbridge is an above-ground structure with a horizontal length of about 100m and 6m wide. The footbridge contains one elevator and one stair opens to the sky at each end of the… (Show more)
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