Shared Dormitory Bathroom Locking Arrangement

Poll created by kelley.stalder on Nov 16, 2015

More dormitories are being built with two adjacent rooms sharing a common bathroom.  This construction layout is being used to provide more privacy to individual students while limiting costs associated with providing an individual bathroom to each student.  In order to provide security between the rooms sharing a bathroom, some schools are placing a lock, operable only from the dorm room side, so that the dorm room occupant can effectively prevent someone from coming through the other room via the shared bathroom.  This creates a situation where a person in the bathroom could be locked in, thus impeding egress.  How are you addressing this situation in your jurisdiction?

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  • We allow this locking arrangement.
  • We do not allow this locking arrangement.
  • We have an alternative to this arrangement that addresses both the egress and security issues. LEAVE COMMENT