Wildfire mitigation: Whose job is it really?

Poll created by jesseroman Employee on Nov 30, 2015

Just about everyone agrees that fuel mitigation is crucial for combating the nation’s growing wildfire problem, but culture, politics, and geography can be significant barriers keeping communities from doing the work.


That is more evident than ever in a just-released NFPA study on the wildfire capabilities and preparedness of local fire departments. For the study, NFPA researchers interviewed 46 high-ranking fire officials from urban and rural departments on a variety of topics related to wildfire operations, and by far, the most provocative topic was wildfire mitigation.


As detailed in the new NFPA Journal article on the study, there are arguments about who is responsible for doing the work, and how best to educate the public to the fact that the work needs to be done. In some places, the public gets it; in others not as much. Sometimes it’s the firefighters who need to be educated. Culture, politics, and geography all figure into the discord.


Question is: When it comes to wildfire mitigation, what is a fire department’s role?


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  • Fire departments should assess and actively help with mitigation work on properties
  • Firefighters should be available to advise, but it’s on property owners to do the work
  • Fire departments have enough on their plates—homeowners are responsible for their own properties
  • Mitigation is good in theory, but wildfire isn’t a big enough threat in our area for it to matter
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