Marijuana: Are You Ready?

Poll created by jesseroman Employee on Sep 20, 2016

Marijuana cover.pngMarijuana is now legal in some form in more than half of all U.S. states, and is rapidly becoming more widely accepted. In Colorado, the epicenter of legal pot in the U.S., there are now more pot shops than Starbucks and McDonald’s combined; sales in the state last year were about $1 billion. As highlighted in a recent NFPA Journal article, “Welcome to the Jungle,” there are also hundreds of grow houses and extraction facilities that can present myriad unique safety hazards.


This year’s November elections could be a watershed moment for marijuana legalization, with Massachusetts, Arizona, California, Maine, and Nevada voting on whether to allow recreational marijuana. Several other states, including Florida, Arkansas, and North Dakota, will consider legalizing medicinal marijuana, joining at least 25 other states and the District of Columbia where it is already legal.


How prepared is your public safety agency for this emerging industry?



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  • We already have a good handle on the hazards and have regulations in place to ensure safety throughout the marijuana industry.
  • We are currently learning about the industry and putting together plans, and I feel we’ll be ready if and when marijuana is legalized in my state.
  • I’m not sure, but I’m not worried.
  • I’m not sure, and I’m concerned about it.
  • Other (Please explain in comments)