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Does your Facility Fire Brigade do more than just fight fires?

Question asked by nancypearce Employee on Jun 22, 2015

That was a question we asked the audience at this morning's conference session on facility fire brigades.   The majority responded to the question with a YES!   It appears that the Technical Committee had its fingers on the "pulse" when it formed a task group to look at how NFPA 600 should address fire brigades with other functions such as emergency medical response, hazardous materials spills or confined space rescue.   One thought was to look at NFPA 1500 which addresses fire departments, since like fire brigades, fire departments often have duties other than firefighting. 


The technical committee responsible for NFPA 600 will continue to work on this and other issues such as whether or not there should be a reference to other standards for fire brigades that function more like a municipal fire departments. Stay tuned and stay in touch to see what will happen during the next revision cycle!


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