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Women in Engineering Career Development Programs and Resources?

Question asked by kathleenalmand Employee on Sep 3, 2015

So a good thing has happened here at NFPA - since the luncheon at conference in June, the women engineers and safety professionals at NFPA have been meeting monthly for lunch to discuss what we might want to do as a group both to support each other and consider how we can help grow and develop the next generation of women in our profession.

I've just posted the presentation that I made at the conference luncheon - please feel free to use as you like as a resource. Any resources you would like to share?


Also, we are considering what programs we might want to participate in locally to help mentor or encourage young women interested in the profession.  We are thinking career fairs at local high schools, GoldiBlox, SWE, but have not made a decision as yet.  Any programs you have participated in that you felt were valuable?


Look forward to your ideas.