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What HVAC equipment should shutdown during fire/smoke signal event?

Question asked by jpalkens on Sep 28, 2015
Latest reply on Jun 27, 2016 by psmith

In reading the section of the NFPA that covers the shutdown of HVAC equipment when the fire or smoke detection and alarm system, (FAS) is activated some applications are unclear.

In a paint-shop where the paint booths are exhausted to the outside of the building by individual exhaust fans and where the make-up air is brought into the building by a powered make-up air fan without a 'return plenum', are these fans required to shut down on activation of the fire/smoke detection and alarm system activates?

It would seem logical that they would shut down as continued operation would bring more oxygen into the building feeding the fire.

All of the fans exceed the 2000 cfm limitation.

There are no smoke detectors in the area as the building is fully sprinklered.

Is there a reference that I can use to convince management of the need to equip these fans with the FAS shut down capability?