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Question concerning a water fed fancoil cooling unit directly overhead of UPS equipment.

Question asked by jondavis on Oct 5, 2015
Latest reply on Oct 15, 2015 by dvigstol

I am seeking guidance on what the NEC, MSHA, or NFPA requirements are concerning a water fed appliance that is directly overhead of electrical equipment.  One of our UPS systems has a ceiling mounted, water fed, fancoil cooling unit that serves as a secondary cooling system in the event that the primary air conditioning unit fails.  Other than common sense and my gut feeling, the best guidance I've been able to locate deals with overhead fire sprinklers, but this seems to indicate that it is a "gray" area and up to the local authority.  The UPS is 480VAC, 3 phase, 30kVA.  For the time being, until I can get some solid guidance, I have shut off the water to the fancoil unit, and I've drained out the water.  Anyone care to comment or point me in the right direction?