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Question asked by dwg on Oct 28, 2015

Hello all,

  I am new to this forum and this is my first post,  However I am not new to the NFPA I have been an electrical section member since 2005.  I thought I would try this out.  Hope it goes well.  I was unable to find the frequency or intervals in which a CNG slow fill fuel disbursement system needed to be inspected.  (NFPA-52 8.16 & 8.16.4) state that basically you would refer to manufacturers requirements.  Unfortunately there are very few CNG system manufacturer's as compared to other types of fuel dispensing systems, and what I have found in the end is nothing specific and vague at best.  Will the NFPA be coming in with more specifics on Compressed Natural Gas Systems and dispensing.  I am aware that it is a relatively newer type of dispensing system and the market for these this type of fuel is not even fully established in our area in Pennsylvania.  I thought that may be why there is a an expert in the field with some input that I could get our fairly new (6-months old) CNG slow fill station inspection schedule and maintenance ahead of the curve if possible. I know our state license number when it was issued last spring was like 0000001 so we are one of the first private businesses other than I believe the turnpike now has a few and city transit systems and I am sure Waste Management Fleet has a fill license as I spoke to a guy who was a classmate at the CNGVI class I attended for cylinder and systems inspection.

ok thanks I appreciate any feed back or fore site as to the direction of this portion of the code.