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Consumer fireworks storage in a residential area

Question asked by kbryant333 on Oct 28, 2015
Latest reply on Nov 29, 2015 by sean

Section 6.2.4 of NFPA 1124 says that "Consumer fireworks storage buildings shall not be ... located in residential areas."  Should a town be permitted to construe this as equating the word "area" with "zone," so that it would be permissible to have a consumer fireworks warehouse in an area zoned as "rural" rather than "residential" even if the density of homes around the warehouse exceeds 50 homes within a 1/2-mile radius?  What if this same consumer fireworks warehouse shares a right-of-way with a home, such that the only egress for the residents of the home is to drive within 30 feet of the warehouse (with the right-of-way extending to within 16 feet of the warehouse)?  Regardless of NFPA discontinuing standards related to consumer fireworks, the residents & town must still resolve the question.