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Chapter 1-administration

Question asked by gbartels on Oct 30, 2015

Section 1.1.3 (2013 edition) "This standard is written with the assumption that the sprinkler system shall be designed to protect  against a single fire originating within the building."

My questions for discussion:

  • What is the reason and intent behind the statement? Is the intent to control the costs of installing a system? In other words, a system that would protect against multiple fires originating within the building has been proven to be too costly to install?
  • Is the intent to protect the contractor and industry from liability from multiple fires that overtax the system, and the system fails to control or suppress the fire?
  • Is the intent to educate and inform  the end users and insurers that even though they have a sprinkler system installed to the NFPA-13 standard, they may want to consider installing a system with greater performance criteria than prescribed by the standard based on the hazard, or additional options for protection, if they anticipate multiple fires originating within the building, or fires which do not originate within the building, but travel inside the building as they spread and grow?