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Does NFPA 101 2015 Edition allow to apply/ use  table Industrial Equipment Access as a main exit stair for occupancy use to exit from a building

Question asked by hamad.koroni on Nov 10, 2015

NFPA 101 2015 Edition requirements for applying table Industrial Equipment Access. Could this table replace stair requirements mentioned in Section 7.2.2.


Section 7.2.2 specified stair requirements fit with the human Rules of Proportion and Man’s Dimensional Relationships. Using riser of 230mm instead 180mm in exit stair would not fit with human rules of proportion.


It's understood that NFPA 101 accepts using Table for equipment access only and not to exit from the building classified Industrial Occupancy. Such as application for this equipment access is for boiler machine, generator, chiller…etc.


It's believed that NFPA 101 allowed to use a stair in compliance with Table in the portion/area between those equipment (boiler, generator,..etc) and the main path of travel BUT never will accept this stair be using as an exit stair from the building.


Would you please advise?