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Certified Electrical Safety Complience Professional Inquiry

Question asked by Steve Benton on Nov 10, 2015
Latest reply on Jun 28, 2016 by bubba.himel

Greetings, I acquired my CESCP certification in June of this year (2015) and would like to network with other certificate holders. Questions I have are:

(1) Since obtaining your CESCP has the certification opened any new doors for you professionally?

(2) What professional fields are represented by certificate holders? Engineers? Educators? Trades?...

(3) What are some typical ways that you earn points under the re-certification process?


A bit of background on myself, I began my electrical career almost 35 years ago as an electrician stationed at the USAF Academy in Colorado Springs. Since that time I worked 20 years in the manufacturing sector as a maintenance technician and the last 10 years have been spent as an electrician / automation technician in power generation. I currently am licensed in the state of Texas as a master electrician.

One thing that I have become aware of throughout the years is that mentorship and training of future electrical sector workers is perhaps lacking. Partnered with that realization is the fact that I would like to make a difference by at some point in the next few years taking a different career path and begin teaching at a local community college or trade school.


Any thoughts or observations from those that have traveled a similar path would be appreciated.