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NFPA 13 - 8.15.26 Sprinkler + Glazing

Question asked by bien_cabornay on Nov 11, 2015

Can you help me out with this chapter,

1)Does it mean that NFPA 13 adopts the same concept of vertical openings (atrium in NFPA 101 in lieu of the separation requirement) for other occupancies?

2)What are the installation requirements? Is it the same as NFPA 13?For example a car parking and an elevator lobby with glass walls. What will govern as a general rule or acceptable guideline? Will the 2.3m(1/2s)  from glass walls and 4.6m from sprinklers be acceptable?Or the stringent requirements 300mm from glass walls and 1.8m from sprinklers govern?Or maybe the exposure protection in chapter 23 and NFPA 80a also apply as a minimum?or maybe will it depend on the listing of the specific product/manufacturer reccommendation?

3)Does NFPA 13 - 8.15.26(1) and (7) mean that the listing of the sprinkler and glass wall assembly be equivalent to the min. req. of the bldg./life safety code?

Can you also help me interpret 8.15.26(7) does that mean the demand req. of the glazing sprinkler be added to the most demand sprinkler req.?


Thanks a lot