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NFPA 13 - Sectional valves?

Question asked by on Dec 8, 2015
Latest reply on Dec 9, 2015 by firestar

Dear colleagues.


I am planning a shopping center containing about 50 small shops, an average of 1000 sqft each, plus general hall areas and services.


In general it is Ordinary Hazard 1.


The customer has requested a full installation of sprinklers in accordance with NFPA standards.


According to the NFPA 13 standard, section 8.2.1, should have control and alarm valves, each no more than 52,000 sqf.

I pre-designed to have 6 of these control valves and alarm.


Now the client is requesting to have sectional valves (listed and indicating), one for each individually small business, which would give at least 50 sectional valves to control in the future, not to mention the cost that we consider unnecessary, and we do not believe it is the spirit of the standard.


Could you comment about it ?.

There is perhaps some section of the standard, or recommendation, to know so that I can deny  the request or al least reduce de number of valves?


Thank you.

Best regards,