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Fire Protection in Utility Tunnel (Pipes and Cables)

Question asked by Sandip Prakash Khairnar on Nov 21, 2015
Latest reply on Nov 21, 2015 by nocivus

Dear Experts,

In one of our project, we have a underground utility tunnel of 700m long, 4m height and 5m width. It consists of steel pipes & cables. .

We have proposed the sprinklers in tunnels.  As cable trays hanged at the top and sprinkler are adjacent to the cable trays and not protected by any other system. Please give your opinion on:

-  Whether we can protect the cable trays with sprinkler system?

- As we have proposed sprinklers in tunnel and and cable trays obstructs one row of sprinkler spray pattern, is it  ok as per NFPA guidelines?

(If you want to see the Tunnel Section, section drawing of tunnel is attached below)

Please advise.