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Old sprinkler system requirements?

Question asked by rmorgan on Dec 3, 2015
Latest reply on May 28, 2016 by mcmillincary

I am trying to get advice on how to handle very old sprinkler systems in "taxpayer" type buildings in our downtown area. We have a few including a newspaper that have old systems that have no back flow prevention, no flow or tamper monitoring, only one shutoff that is combined with domestic water.......


I know they have not been inspected or tested, and don't know if they would pass if tested. If a few of these structures were built today I'm not sure they all would even be required to be sprinklered. I don't want to decrease any protection these systems may be providing, but at least one occupant wants to remove the system if not needed. (I think if it was installed by requirement way back when, or by choice, they need to maintain it.


Any help would be greatly appreciated.