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Ball drips on Fire Department Connection Piping

Question asked by ddesear on Jan 5, 2016
Latest reply on Dec 7, 2016 by richard.raab

NFPA 13 Section Drainage. The piping between the check valve and the outside hose coupling shall be equipped with an approved automatic drip in areas subject to freezing. How would you interoperate "areas subject to freezing". We do inspections on many systems that do not have ball drips installed on the FDC piping in commercial and especially residential applications, and we are definitely in an area subject to freezing. So, does area subject to freezing refer to the area of the country you are in, or the area of the building the piping between the FDC connection and the check valve are in? If there is no ball drip on the piping, would you note it as a deficiency on an NFPA 25 inspection if the piping between the FDC and check valve is in a heated room, keeping in mind the FDC connection itself is exposed to freezing temperatures?