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Smart Enforcement Workshop Report

Question asked by kathleenalmand Employee on Jan 10, 2016

On November 19th, the Research Foundation facilitated a one day workshop to bring together representatives from selected fire departments across the country who are
engaged in using data to enhance their enforcement and community risk reduction programs.  The goal of the workshop was to provide a platform to share information on electronic tools and strategies and identify best practices and gaps. The workshop agenda consisted of presentations from representatives from 15 North American jurisdictions of various size, providing a synopsis of innovative uses of data to enhance their fire prevention programs with a focus on inspection and community risk reduction.  The final workshop session was a series of small group discussions of community needs and challenges and recommended actions to address those needs, including suggestions for NFPA.


Here is the workshop report - I encourage you to review the recommendations developed by the group and provide your comments/suggestions on other ways that NFPA can work with you to help better use data and data tools.  We will be posting some of the individual presentations in this community in the upcoming weeks and a few of them, as well as an overview of the workshop will be given at the NFPA Conference and Expo in June.