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Are you looking to optimize your local fire prevention programs by incorporating best practices for inspections and community risk reduction into your 2016 game plan? Well, you are not alone. This month NFPA launched a Smart Enforcement Community that has been created for these reasons – at the request of fire departments across the United States and Canada.


This fall NFPA’s Fire Protection Research Foundation facilitated a one day workshop in Tempe, AZ for fire departments using a range of technologies and tools to accomplish data driven smart enforcement. The idea was to provide a forum where different departments - of varying scopes and sizes - could share electronic tools, data resources, reporting methods, and engagement strategies that are improving local fire safety enforcement efforts. Stakeholders discussed simple-to-elaborate processes, identified risk reduction gaps, and shared fire prevention outreach opportunities. The audience was highly engaged; and by the end of the workshop attendees had clear suggestions for how NFPA, as the global leader of fire safety knowledge and information, can best help CRR advocates mitigate fire in their communities.


With the work group’s recommendations in mind, the Smart Enforcement Community made its debut this month on NFPA’s Xchange platform. Just as NFPA has done for more than 100 years, they have taken the lead in bringing together informed parties, gathering input and generating relevant information that will benefit fire safety stakeholders.  Smart Enforcement Community members will benefit from peer interaction, established data capture programs, Q&A sessions, webinars, blogs and enforcement expertise.  NFPA encourages members of the International Fire Marshals Association to explore the new Smart Enforcement Community, share your professional insight, learn from peers and subject matter experts, and access the complete Smart Enforcement Workshop report that resulted from the November meeting. See Jim Pauley, NFPA President and CEO, announce the new Smart Enforcement Community:



To join the new Smart Enforcement Community, visit NFPA’s online Xchange platform. Xchange allows you to connect with NFPA technical staff, explore content, submit technical standards questions, and network with like-minded professionals worldwide. The Xchange platform, and more specifically the new Smart Enforcement Community, is an interactive forum built for your comments, content and community perspective.


Click on the “Smart Enforcement Community” link above, or access the NFPA Xchange Smart Enforcement Community by copy and pasting this url into your browser:




Ryan Depew

NFPA Technical Lead