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Jon W. Pasqualone, Executive Director



The Florida Fire Marshals and Inspectors Association is pleased to announce several new and exciting changes for 2016. First is our introduction of a new Board of Directors. On November 4, 2015 the following officers were sworn in at the 67th Annual Florida Fire Prevention Conference in Palm Beach Gardens.



President: David Woodside, Boca Raton Fire Rescue

1st Vice President: Wendy Niles, Lake Mary Fire Department

2nd Vice President: Shar Hingson, Greater Naples Fire and Rescue District

Secretary/Treasurer: Charlie Raiken, Broward County Sheriff’s Office, Retired

Past President: Rick Butcher: Tarpon Springs Fire Rescue


Other highlights from the annual conference were a keynote address offered by Jim Crawford, Chairman of the Vision 2020 program and presentations from Ron Farr of U.L. on mobile food truck fire safety and carbon monoxide protection. A full slate of training and education offerings is presented every year in November and we are aggressively planning a bigger and better offering in beautiful Daytona Beach for November of 2016.


In other conference related news FFMIA has two sections. The Florida Association of Fire and Life Safety Educators (FAFLSE) and the Florida Fire and Explosion Investigators Association (FFEIA). These two sections will present a joint conference June 21-24, 2016 in Lake Buena Vista Florida and it is expected that we will have a great turnout in a family friendly environment. The educational opportunities will be state of the art in public education and fire and explosion technologies and trends. This event is open to all and special rates will be offered to out of state attendees.

All of this coordination takes a great deal of time, effort and expertise. In September of 2015 FFMIA contracted with Jim Narva and Associates to handle conference and program management along with all of our educational training activities. This was the last of major steps taken by the organization as earlier in the year we introduced a completely new concept in organizational management, as well as implementation of a new electronic membership data management program. All of these changes have been introduced to the membership with the ultimate goal set on maximizing our efficiencies in the management of the organizational financial structure. It is worth noting that the Narva team engaged in two conferences within their first two months and as expected displayed a seamless transition.

Saying goodbye! After several years of service on the Board of Directors of FFMIA; serving as President through some of our most tumultuous times, then moving along to IFMA where he serves as the current President, our beloved Steve Peavey will be retiring in May of 2016. In preparation for retirement, Steve has already stepped down from some key leadership roles in Florida. Most recently he served as the Chairman of our Joint Council of Fire and Emergency Services. This is a coalition of all major fire service organizations throughout the State of Florida whose primary mission is perpetual management of our Fallen Firefighters Memorial and includes approval of any new additions to the memorial. While we wish this group could cease and desist this responsibility, the Joint Council also serves as a unified voice in the fire service for matters of Legislative importance and carries great weight when all are in agreement on matters before the Legislature and the State Fire Marshal’s Office.

As many of you know, Steve will not step down from anything and I for one am proud to call him a brother and true friend. I am certain that I speak for our entire association when I say we wish you and Laura all the best in your future endeavors.

Please visit us on line at for coming events. Contact us if you would like to schedule a family vacation in Florida in conjunction with any of our training events. We would love to share some of our sunshine and hospitality.

Sincerely yours in a fire safe USA!





A new year has begun and so has the continued fight for fire safety by this Chapter. Wisconsin uses NFPA 1 as the code document to perform semi-annual fire prevention inspections of all commercial buildings. One of the more recent developments in this state is that a legislator has submitted a bill to eliminate the restriction on live Christmas trees in an assembly area. This was brought because of a complaint from a local church. Part of the bill reads: This bill also creates a presumption applicable to fire safety inspections that the seasonal placement of a Christmas tree in the rotunda of the state capital building or in a church is not a fire hazard. We all know this is simply not true. The fire service which has the expertise in this area was never involved with this decision. Legislators should be making an informed decision and not acting on an emotional complaint which may have devastating consequences. The IFMA Chapter in Wisconsin will continue to support the life safety codes.

On a better subject the statewide smoke alarm program WisSAFE is moving forward at a rapid pace. We are teaming with the American Red Cross to protect the families of Wisconsin. We will be able to utilize their national program of fund raising and fire education and the Red Cross will be getting the local fire departments to install and provide the education to each home. We anticipate 10,000 units will be installed this year along with the needed fire education. This is a win for everyone, and mostly for the citizens who will receive early notification of a fire.

The Wisconsin IFMA Chapter will continue to work towards the safety and protection of the citizens in this State.    




Robert Morris, Executive Director


The State passed a law that takes effect in 2016, which has to do with carbon monoxide alarms in schools. It is Public Act 099-0470 . The rules regarding implementing and enforcing this law are currently being written by the Illinois School Board of Education and the OSFM. Once the final rules are in place, the  IFIA will forward it to everyone.


In October, our awards luncheon had over 100 people in attendance. People receiving awards at the luncheon were:


  • New Horizons – Elizabeth Dine, Orland FPD;
  • Achievement – Dan Finnegan, Siemens; Kevin Piaskecki, Palatine FD
  • Chiefs Award – Kenneth Dunn, Tinley Park FD; George Rimbo, Lemont FPD
  • Lonnie Jackson Award – Bill Proper, Tinley Park FD
  • Dick Arthur Award – Warren Olsen

Congratulations on your awards, they were well deserved.



Extinguisher Join Us.jpg

Our Combined Conference is coming April 27 – 29, 2016. You can begin to register now through the web site IFIA 2nd Annual Combined Conference Registration.


Here are 3 ways for guests to make their reservations:

1.   To make reservations on-line:


Select check in date and check out date

Click the blue link that reads “Add special rate codes”

Enter INS into the Group Code box

Select Check Availability


2.   To make reservations by phone:

Call 1-800-EMBASSY

     Ask for Global Reservations

     State your check in and checkout date

     Mention your block IL Fire Inspectors and code INS


3.  To make reservations by using website:


     Adjust your check in and checkout date

     Select Room Type

     Finish Reservation by putting in your information



At our planning meeting in December, it was decided that certification class costs must increase. The cost for everything the IFIA does continues to go up in price, while the certification class fees have not had been increased in many, many years.


The changes taking place in 2016 will be:


  • IFIA member costs will increase $25 – members also have a preference in registration
  • Non-IFIA member cost will increase $100
  • The student textbook will not be provided with the class.

It was felt that most students have access to the book through their department. Should the student desire their own book, it can be ordered through the IFIA office.

  • Don’t forget that an IFIA member is the Department, not an individual.


While we are offering Public Fire and Life Safety Educator and Fire Inspector 1 and 2 classes in the Spring, we are also planning OSFM certification courses for Inspector 2 and Public Fire and Life Safety Educator this fall.


Finally at our holiday party in Decembers, our 2016 Board of Directors was sworn in. The slate for 2016 is as follows:

  • President:  Joe Welter
  • Vice President:  Ed Dunne
  • Secretary:  Dan Riordan
  • Treasurer:  No Candidate
  • Past President:  Mike Toika



Upcoming IFIA Chapter events:


January 22 – IFIA mini seminar on Fire stopping and monthly meeting

February 26 – IFIA mini seminar and monthly meeting

February – FLSE certification course – Downers Grove

March – Fire inspector 1 certification course

March 25 – IFIA mini seminar and monthly meeting

April 27 – 29 – IFIA Combined Conference in East Peoria

May 20 – IFIA mini seminar and monthly meeting\

May - Fire Inspector 2