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Would like to know some various examples of "Live Work"

Question asked by allan.harn on Jan 14, 2016
Latest reply on Jan 21, 2016 by allan.harn

Live Work as the NFPA70E talks about. I'd like to know some real life examples other than those that are quite obvious or realized as being Live Work. I would like to know if opening say an Enclosure that has nothing but a PLC in it and associated I/O (with power applied) would qualify to be Live Work? Now lets say that I was  pulling wire into that PLC enclosure while there is power applied to the PLC (120v on the power supply of the PLC) would that be considered Live Work? Another similar one would be whenever pulling wire in an existing cable tray that has existing wires/cable in it that has power going through it? Just a few things that I feel should be considered Live Work but aren't maybe as obvious as other examples. Keeping in mind that Electrical engineers and electricians that have been working for a while seem to want to find every excuse to push back on determining what is Live Work.