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NFPA 101- Exit discharge through internal building areas, can we connect 2 exits via an exit passageway?

Question asked by okan.toker on Feb 26, 2016

In accorance with NFPA 101 Handbook Edition 2015, Exhibit 7.186, Exit B discharges onto story 3 and Exit C discharges onto story 2. Occupants discharging onto story 3  from Exit B can either

(a) go to story 4 through Exit A to discharge directly outside


(b) to story 1 through Exit D to discharge directly outside.


(a) means an exit from the upper stories in which the direction of egress travel is downward in exit B first and then upward  again  in Exit A to discharge directly outside. Actually this is not allowed in accordance with 7.7.1 but, acceptable in accordance with 7.7.2.


Question 1- Can anyone confirm whether my understanding is  correct and (a) can be applied or (b) should be the the only alternative to go in the same direction in order not to change the direction..


Question 2- If we connect Exit B and Exit A by an Exit Passageway of 2 hrs fire resistance rated walls on story 3, will it be a better and safer alternative?