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Sprinklers and Fire hose served by same piping - El Salvador

Question asked by peter_stahl on Mar 10, 2016
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maybe its a strange question, but a colleague told me that in general here the fire suppression plumbing is one piping serving both sprinklers and fire hoses.

Now we saw a project where we have two pipings, one for the sprinkler and one for the Fire hose.


I was asked if this procedure is correct regarding NFPA.


As its a predesign its not sure which NFPAS will be demanded.


From what I know (from Germany) there is always a separate sprinkler and fire hose line, and I guess it would be against DIN/VDI regulations to run both by one piping.

F.e. in the case of a fire:


- sprinklers would take away the pressure of the fire hose

- turning of sprinklers would end in turning of the fire hose

- the calculated and needed pressures would have to fit for both sprinklers and the fire hoses.


What is your opinion on this topic? Does the NFPA standards say anything regarding this topic?