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Fault Charactoristics of Power Grids youtube.   Out of our field except on the Master Electrician Exam who has to know?

Question asked by russellwuertz on Mar 29, 2016

Fault Charactoristics of Power Grids.   The Electrical Company explains the "fault" that would be encountered by electricians.


     No need to have more of a discussion.   A master electrican's experience would be outcasted by Lowes store outlet by

a decree, if he is caught discussing this issue.   Other stores would outcast a good man also, so the maximum experience is

not to need to tell anyone.  Have this youtube of the power company's discussion be their only guiding light and know not to ask and jeapardise anyone.


     A fault is what it is called, since a crossed wire, using knob and tube bare wires would be crossed and usable until corrected.

Circa 1900, and even in the Webster's Dictionary since about then under "fault".