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Emergency Power Systems - Is a Seperate Bus Considered A Seperate Utility?

Question asked by Steve Benton on Apr 13, 2016

Background: At the power generation facility where I work our emergency lighting system that covers the coal conveying systems is rather old and in need of some repairs. As part of the planning process we have decided to replace all the HID fixtures with LED fixtures. We are also looking into eliminating or replacing the battery/inverter UPS setup also due to age and maintenance requirements. The normal source for this system is fed from our MCC-C. MCC-C is fed from an automatic transfer switch that normally is fed from Plant Bus-A. If Plant Bus-A drops out MCC-C receives power from Plant Bus-B.

Now my question, Within the utility setting could independent plant bus's be considered a "second utility source" for an emergency lighting system and thereby negate the need for the battery/inverter UPS? 

Thanks In Advance,

Stephen Benton