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Chapter Reports, IL, OR and WI 4-16

Question asked by ssawyer on Apr 13, 2016

International Fire Marshals Association, Wisconsin Chapter


The Wisconsin Chapter is planning and preparing for another outstanding life safety conference in October of the year. The conference provides attendees
information on code enforcement, code knowledge and public education topics. Speakers from around the country provide our members with the training that
will help them in their duties of fire prevention inspections and educating the public on how to live safer lives. Wisconsin has become recognized as one of
the premier life safety conferences in the Midwest and the committee continues to work hard to make each successive year better.  


As an IFMA Chapter the state is divided into eleven areas and each area is responsible for providing updates and training to the local members on a
quarterly basis, but many provide this every month. The Area Chairperson has resources available from the Association Training Director to provide the
training that is needed as requested by the local membership. We need to continue to provide quality training in order for the fire inspectors to know
and interpret the codes the same way. 


The Wisconsin State Fire Inspectors Association along with the Michigan Fire Inspectors Society has for the third year provided a combined training
conference held in a border city of our states. This has worked out well because we bring training to the out reaches of our state and we share the cost
of the one day conference.


The Wisconsin IFMA Chapter will continue to work towards the safety and protection of the citizens in this State.    



Illinois Fire Inspectors Assocaition

Robert Morris

Executive Director, IFIA


The State has published the rules for public comment, regarding a law that took effect in January of 2016, dealing with carbon monoxide alarms in schools. It is Public Act 099-0470 . Following the required public comment the rules will be finalized and we will advise our members of what will be required.


While everything is not legally in place for this law, ironically a department in the State has already had a success story. This department required a parochial school to install a CO detector due to this law, which the school was not happy about. But, this device alarmed, saving the life of not only the maintenance person, but also the 120 kids and staff. Had the CO alarm not been installed, the first notification would have been with people showing symptoms of CO poisoning. One person was transported to the hospital for evaluation. The problem was found to have been a faulty furnace. 


In addition to their regular jobs, and monthly IFIA commitments, the Board has been busy traveling for meetings. Mike Toika and Bob Morris attended the NFSA legislative reception in Springfield. Good discussions were held with the sprinkler industry, as well as with many local legislators. The following day they went
to East Peoria to meet with the IBEW regarding fire alarm licensing, and then with staff at the Par a Dice hotel, which will be where our 2017 and 2018
conferences will be held.


As that was going on, Secretary Dan Riordan was in Springfield meeting with the State Fire Marshal, and about 25 other people, on sprinkler contractor licensing. This first meeting was a round table to discuss concerns and ideas regarding the sprinkler contract licensing act. 


Last month, President Welter attended a fire services meeting in Springfield.


We are excited to announce that we are hosting a one day Fireworks Training for The Code Official seminar in Addison, on May 9th. It will be presented by Gregg Smith, the Safety Program Manager of the American Pyrotechnics Association. Registration can be done through our website. Also in attendance will be a representative from the Office of the State Fire Marshal, to discuss specific requirements in Illinois.


One of our partners, the National Fire Sprinkler Association, states that the two day plan review class quickly filled in Plainfield, so another class has been
scheduled. It is May 11-12, in Lockport.


A situation concerning elevator emergency phones was noted in one of the western suburbs. They received a call of people stuck in an elevator due to a power failure. The elevator phone did not work as the technology being used for it is VOIP - Voice Over Internet Protocol. When the elevator was inspected and tested, it was fine, as the phone was never tested in a power failure situation. Based on this you may want to check on how your elevator phones are transmitting signals, and also consider testing the phone in a power failure situation.


We continue to hear of fire extinguisher companies that are doing work without being properly licensed by the OSFM. Unless you are familiar with the companies doing work in your community, you should verify their credentials. Most recently a department found a current tag on an extinguisher that was empty. Company status can be found at Due to the paperwork process of applications, this list is updated every week or two, so check back frequently.


There are a number of bills that were proposed to the legislature: A short while back it was reported that a company was selling flame throwers to the general
public. House Bill 5821 was introduced to outlaw these sales.

  • HB6036 has to do with the injury or death of a first responder due to a building violation. In part, it says  that …a person commits the
    offense when, having personal or professional management or control of commercial real estate, whether as a legal or equitable owner or as a managing
    agent or otherwise, he or she recklessly permits or causes the physical condition or facilities of the commercial real estate to become or remain in
    any condition which endangers the health or safety of a first responder and:
    (1) the condition endangering the health or safety of a first responder was a building code violation or resulted from work done with a proper permit; (2)
    the condition endangering the health or safety of a first responder is determined to be a contributing factor in the injury or death of that first
    responder; and (3) the person recklessly conceals or attempts to conceal the condition that endangered the health or safety of the first responder that is
    found to be a contributing factor in that injury or death. Provides that criminal building management is a Class 4 felony…
  • SB2837  relates to amending the smoke detector act to require long life batteries in smoke alarms for new construction. Proposed language talks about using 10 year batteries. At the recent Vision 20/20 conference, a Board member was given a white paper from some battery companies.
    In it they suggest to not use the term 10 year. They state that results are coming in that some batteries are not lasting for 10 years. Their recommendation is to use the term “longer lasting” for these batteries. The issue of 10 year batteries vs longer life batteries may be something you will need to discuss locally if you are having any kind of a smoke alarm campaign.


As the various bills progress, or not, we will update all parties.


A popular Phoenix bar known for live music was forced to close and cancel shows because of a fire started by a band that was on stage one Saturday night. The bandleader of Three Bad Jacks squirted lighter fluid on the floor stage and then ignited it. For anyone with live music or entertainment, you should be aware of this type of activity. You can read more about it here:


At one of our recent monthly meetings, we were privileged to have Russ Sanders, our Regional Director for NFPA, join us. He provided a short update of what is
going on at NFPA and what to expect in the future. Because he did not speak long, he did not get to a many of the items on his list – 13 pages worth of
them. He did however provide that list to our membership.


A date has been chosen for our golf outing, which we will co-sponsor with IL-Automatic Fire Alarm Association, on Aug 23rd at White Pines in Bensenville.
There will be raffles for a chance to win one million dollars and $2,500, as well as many par three hole-in-one games where people can win golf clubs, a
vacation, cash, and even a car. Registration is capped at 144, and 50 are already signed up. Don’t wait. Registration is on our website as well as the
IL-AFAA web page.


Also don’t forget to “like” us on Facebook. One thing of interest to many, is that we put out a notice of major historical fires of the day. We can’t forget what
has happened in the past, and we’re afraid that many of the newer personnel don’t know of these incidents. This is a great time to tell them of some fire
service history. We must not forget.  


Until next time


Upcoming events:


April 27 – 29 – IFIA Combined Conference in East Peoria

May 9 – Fireworks for the Code Official

May 20 – IFIA mini seminar and monthly meeting

May – Fire inspector 2

August – IFIA day at the State Fair

Sept – Fire Inspector 1

October – Fire Inspector 2

November - PFLSE



Oregon Fire Marshals

Email contact:


Officers:         President Tom Bohm

Hermiston Fire & Emergency Services

320 S 1st Street Hermiston,
OR  97838

(541) 567-8022/ Fax (541) 564-6463

Cell (541) 314-5510


1st Vice President Susie Maniscalco

Bend Fire Department

1212 SW Simpson Ave Bend, OR 97702

(541) 322-6381/Fax (541) 322-6321

Cell (541) 408-2937


2nd Vice President Michael Trabue

State Fire Marshal’s Office

4760 Portland Ave.
            Salem OR 97305

(503) 373-3473/ Fax (503) 373-1825



1 Year Director
           John Patterson 

Jackson County FD #3

8383 Agate Rd.  White City, OR 97503

(541) 826-7100 /Cell (541) 646-0277


2 Year Director
           T.J. Johannsen 

Sisters-Camp Sherman Fire District 

301 S Elm/PO Box 1509 Sisters, OR 97759

(541) 549-0771  Cell (541) 480-0865 


3rd Year Director
            Matt Benedict

Pendleton Fire

911 SW Court Avenue Pendleton, OR 97801



Past President
            John Rinier

Hillsboro Fire Department

4455 NW 229th Ave Hillsboro, OR  97123

(503) 615-6744 / Fax (503) 615-6745

Cell (503) 502-3523


Treasurer AJ Jackson

Portland Fire & Rescue

1300 SE Gideon Street Portland, OR  97202

(503) 823-3763/Fax (503)823-3969

Cell (503)998-1704


Number of Members: 220

Meeting: Every 4th Tuesday of the month from 11:00 AM to 03:00 PM

Annual Business Meeting: In March, date and location vary

Web page:


  1. Fire officials authority being challenged by Oregon Building Division
  2. Replacing  retiring fire code officials
  3. Legislative issues

General Chapter Report

            The Chapter just voted to become a section of the Oregon Fire Chiefs Association (OFCA), we
are currently in the process of changing from our current staff to using the OFCA staff.  We will be changing our
webpage, and contacts. 

            OFMA and the OFCA have developed a task force on FL&S for new construction.