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Interested in Lithium Ion Battery Array Fire Sensing?

Question asked by rnhager on Apr 27, 2016

Preveal Technologies LLC and Washington State University’s Applied Science Laboratory are applying for a Phase I Small Business Technology Transfer (STTR) grant from the National

Science Foundation (NSF). This grant will provide proof of concept of a patent pending method to detect overheating lithium-ion batteries prior to thermal runaway.

The National Science Foundation STTR program strongly suggests that funded research result in a marketable product or products. They suggest letters of support attached to the grant

proposal will act as an indication of market validation for the proposed innovation and add significant credibility to the proposed effort. 

They state: “Letters of support should demonstrate that the company has initiated dialogue with relevant stakeholders (potential customers, strategic partners or investors) for the proposed innovation and that a legitimate business opportunity may exist should the technology prove feasible. The letter(s) must contain affiliation and contact information for the signatory stakeholder.”

There is no commitment implied with such a letter.  If you might consider providing such a letter, please let me know by telephone or email.

Thank you--Robert Hager,, (509) 990-7817