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NFPA 79 18.2 Ground Continuity Tester - Need help choosing a unit

Question asked by pwalos on May 20, 2016
Latest reply on Jun 8, 2016 by tom.sanders

Can someone please recommend a ground continuity tester for me? Specifically one that can be used to test machine panels.


Section 18.2 of NFPA 79 says:

1) Use an impedance measuring device, take into account any impedance in the measuring circuit. The measured impedence shall be 0.1 ohm or less

2) Apply a current of at least 10 amperes, 50Hz or 60 Hz, derived from a SELV source. The tests are to be made between the equipment grounding terminal and relevant points that are part of the equipment grounding. etc...


I would like a tester that does the second test and feeds out 10 amps.


thank you