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NFPA13 codes for 14.6 meter high ceilings in storage steel Hangers

Question asked by yazanmalhas on May 31, 2016

Hi All ,


I need some help . I currently finished a big job and have installed all the pipes etc... for a fire fighting system using ESFR TYCO 9226 pendant sprinklers.


All these sprinklers are at 42 cm from the sprinkler to the ceiling , which I thought was within the NFPA codes.


I cannot find any information concerning the maximum distance allowed between the sprinkler head and the ceiling when the ceiling is 14.6 meters measured from finished floor level to ceiling. UL listing for such a sprinkler suggests a max distance of 35 cm .....which means that I have to raise all to reach that level ....


I know that there is a relation between the maximum distance of such a sprinkler with the height of the store ceiling but it also depends on the height of the stacks of material in that store. This relationship for this type of sprinkler is what I am looking for..... there is no way I can raise the sprinklers those 8 cm , I have 2000 of them and they all cross with the I-beams of the structure itself. Does anyone have an answer for me?


Please help !!


Eng. Yazan