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Fire System Activation Controls

Discussion created by Steve Benton on Jun 8, 2016
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I made an observation in an industrial facility that throughout the facility the manual fire system activation devices are flush head 30mm pushbutton devices that are held maintained by a pull pin inserted through holes drilled through the devices chrome button shroud. I am supposing that the contact arrangement would be normally open held closed for the supervisory circuit, pulling the pin and releasing the button would set the alarm. The majority of the facility is Class II Division II, Group E, F, G. Wash down cycles are frequent. I have been told that between the dusty atmosphere and the frequent washing corrosion has affected the release operation of the pushbuttons...pull the pin and the button does not release. I have searched the web a bit and  have not been able locate replacement pull pin devices.

My first question is twofold, Is this an approved method of fire system activation and if so what publication lists the approved methods of control?

In the interest of continually looking for a better way, What options are available and have worked well in other similar facilities?


Stephen Benton CESCP