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Does anybody have a good approach on new buildings with an ESFR system and a manual smoke/heat exhaust system that is also used daily for ventialtion?  Looking for effective means to shut fans down prior to water flow.

Question asked by mark.haseloff on Aug 1, 2016
Latest reply on Aug 1, 2016 by Steve Benton

With all the new warehouses going in with ESFR or CM sprinkler systems, I'm curious how others are treating the challenge of shutting down exhaust fans being used by occupants for daily ventilation so they don't interfere with the sprinkler systems activation.

I have looked at FM's options, but owners are not big on installing heat or flame detectors at each rack.  And I am not sure about the sprinkler head under the fan to shut it down either?  Some of these exhaust fans are 30,000CFM with only one speed, so i am concerned how they will impact the sprinkler activation time and its ability to suppress the fire.