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Looking for some help Understanding 230.2

Question asked by kbkelly4200 on Jun 17, 2016
Latest reply on Jul 19, 2016 by basicelectric1987

I have been an electrician for 40 years and a Building Official for 10 years,  and 230.2 still confuses me. I have a project, multi-family apartment with10 buildings. Each building has 11 apartments. There are no firewalls in these buildings. At the end of each building is a pad mount xfmr, there are 2 service laterals to the building in the same location. On the building each of the 2 laterals terminate in a tap box. The 2 tap boxes are side by side. 1 tap box feeds a 6 meter pack with 6 individual 100 a breakers. The other tap box is the same set up, with 5 meter packs. I count 11 movements to disconnect power to the building. The engineer cites 230.40 Ex. 1 as allowing this. Am I missing something?