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What is your department's policy regarding securing power at a house fire? What other directives have you received from your department on means of mitigating electrical hazards? How much electrical training do you receive over your career?

Question asked by on Jun 16, 2016

At a house fire, 1001 gives the requirement that we be able to isolate the utilities. 1500 disallows pulling the meter. Typically this can be accomplished by turning off the main breaker if it can be quickly located inside the structure or at an exterior disconnect. What is your department's plan when there is no access to the breaker panel inside the house due to it being in the fire room or some other scenario where it is inaccessible? What other operational level tasks does your department accomplish while waiting for the utility in a life safety hazard situation? Does your department carry electrically rated PPE? Electrical hazard seems to be an issue where many firefighters are in serious need of additional training.