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Question asked by albifara on Jun 18, 2016
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Good Morning,


I'm evaluating a preliminary design of a Foam Monitors systems to protect a diked area around LFO Tank of a Combined Cycle power plant.


The tank is surrounded by a perimetral wall 80 meters x 80 meters; such a wal presents an open dike at its bottom 0.5m in depth, 0.5m in width. Such a dike runs all along the wall perimeter. Other than that, the tank has its own open ditch (0.5m in depth, 3m in width).


Now as per NFPA 11 Par. 5.7 I'd consider to protect the dike considering only the dike surface around the perimetral wall and around the tank while the disegner considered as the diked area the entire surface surrounded by the perimetral wall (80m*80m=6.400m2).


Please may you help? What is the area I should consider as diked? The open ditches or the entire surface surrounding the tanks and closed by the wall?


Thank you very much for help.


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