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NFPA 70E Table 130.7 (C)(16)

Question asked by tex76542 on Aug 5, 2016
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I have a question concerning the heading Protective Equipment.  First take into account both my Arc-Rated Face Shield and Hard Hat come as one unit.  The Face Shield wraps-around to protect the face, forehead, ears, and front of the  neck, but not the back.  In a Arc Flash condition, what protection from melting does the Hearing Protection (ear canal inserts) have in PPE Category 1 if the shield doesn't work?  In PPE Category 1, would I also wear the Arc-rated arc flash suit hood too as addressed in Note 2, even though my face shield meets the requirements?  If so that answers my question about the hearing protection, because you would wear it underneath the flash suit hood for protection.  Then arises yet another question, will my Hard Hat secure properly with the suit hood underneath it?  Also wouldn't it make more sense to wear an Arc-rated Balaclava instead of the suit hood?


Next question, the Hard Hat is not arc rated in any of the PPE Categories.  In Categories  2 through 4 you have the extra protection of the suit hood and balaclava, but nothing in Category 1.  Would I also wear the suit hood as addressed in Note 2?