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NFPA 55 Questions...

Question asked by brianzyskowski on Jun 22, 2016
Latest reply on Feb 6, 2017 by christopherrsmith

We are storing a compressed liquefied flammable gas onsite.  Our state fire code refers to the 2005 version of NFPA 55.  In looking at the storage requirements in the 2005 edition it differs greatly in comparison to the new 2016 edition.


The 2016 edition has storage requirements for bulk vs. non bulk flammable gas.  We would fall under bulk in the new standard and it has you refer to a set of tables in chapter 10 that outline hazard class and separation requirements by your largest internal pipe diameter on your whole system.  No fire walls are allowed separating group 3 exposures from flammable gas tanks.


The 2005 version of NFPA 55 does not address bulk vs. non bulk flammable gas storage.  There is one table that appears to govern all exposure separation distance requirements for flammable gas.  It also does not break down by exposure hazard group.  This version allows you to build a 2 hour fire wall between exposures and reduce the separation distance to 5 feet


Does anybody have an input on why there is this dramatic of a change when it comes to separation distance for flammable gas storage from the 2005 to 2016 edition?  Was there an event over the last 10 years regarding a flammable gas tank that prompted this change?


I appreciate any responses with knowledge on this....