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NFPA 72 Testing periodicity

Question asked by troy.alarm on Aug 8, 2016
Latest reply on Aug 8, 2016 by psmith

So Table Tells me how often I am supposed to be testing, problem is, I have some difficult customers whom take it too literal. meaning that if I tested their facility on 01 January 2016, and it is a Semi-annual test, they expect me to show up on 01 July 2016. I've had this issue with some rather uncooperative customers whom think in such rigid terms.

Question is, I had heard that there was somewhere that defined what an "ANNUAL" or "SEMI-Annual" period was regarding the code and that there was a "window" period that the test should reasonable be expected to be completed in and still be in compliance.

I often compare this window to the same maintenance requirements of the Military's Planned maintenance system where an Annual check was done every year, but you have + / - 2 months or so to get it done in.

Where would I find this explanation regarding the fire code testing ? Or does it really exist ? It would go a long way in shutting some of these problem customers up.