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Control Mode Sprinkler Protection

Question asked by mark.miller on Aug 10, 2016

NFPA 13 2007 ed has Control Mode sprinkler protection under for Group A Plastics on single and multiple row racks to 20 ft in a building of maximum height of 25 ft. Sprinklers are to be 16.8 K-Factor with minimum pressure of 22 PSI flowing 15 sprinklers. The remote area selection is covered under indicating a rectangle via the 1.2 multiplier of the area protected.




Am I allowed to base the remote area rectangle on the 1500 sq ft protected by the 15 sprinklers spaced at the maximum of 100 sq ft.?


The long leg of the rectangle would be a minimum of 46.48 ft.


Based on the 15 sprinkler flow requirement the actual remote area can be less than 1500 sq ft if the sprinkler spacing is less that 100 sq ft per sprinkler.