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Separation of Class 2 circuit

Question asked by zhang.zhang on Jun 24, 2016
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NEC requires wiring separation between Class 2 circuit and Class 1 circuit. Could you help me understand what's the underlying principle, purpose of this requirement? Thanks a lot!


We have a couple of devices requiring external AC/DC power supply (AC/DC adapter) with power range 50-200W respectively. we will need cabling to hook up the AC/DC adapter and its end device (display etc.) through a conduit, and one AC/DC power supply is marked Class 2 but technically it provides no meaningful purpose for this use(we do not concern it is Class 2 or not). However from the cabling perspective, should we separate this Class 2 AC/DC adapter from others? Is this a case NEC should apply? I do not feel like that NEC rule applies to such configuration because the AC/DC adapter should be regarded as part of our equipment and its Class 2 feature is not relied upon for safety/fire protection.


Any advice are appreciated!