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Flow Test Fire Pump - Large Pump

Question asked by andres.carrasco on Aug 10, 2016

We have to test a Fire Pump rated capacity 4000 GPM. This is an acceptance test.


To do the test we need reach to 150% from nominal capacity (6000 GPM). The flow test will be conducted with test valve header. This header has 16 hose valves 2 1/2", but we have 8 flow nozzles Akron FK-25 of 2" diameter, discharge coefficient 1,004 UL Classified.


With each nozzle we can discharge 800 GPM @ 40 psi pressure (pitot) reaching over 6000 GPM, so will have to open 7 or 8 nozzles to reach 150% rated capacity.


There is not  problem with water supply and It can be reach 150% rated capacity.


Is necesary open all (16) hose valves during the test?


Thanks for Your coments.