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2012Ed LSC Combined Business Occupancies and Parking Structures:

Question asked by robert.dombrowski on Aug 12, 2016

Code Requirement:

2012 Edition LSC The fire barrier separating parking structures from a building classified as a business occupancy shall be a fire barrier having a minimum 2-hour fire resistance rating.



LSC Table Allows a sprinkler reduction to 1-hour between a Business and parking garage (Storage) occupancy.

LSC does not allow for a sprinkler reduction (no exceptions). Therefore, requires a 2-hour separation between a business occupancy and a storage occupancy (parking garage). 

We have business and assembly on the second floor and a parking garage on the first floor.



1) What is the intent of 2012 Edition LSC

2) When would you have to apply the 2-hour rating required in 2012 Edition LSC The commentary doesn't really clear this up for me. Especially if the building is a mixed use facility (business, assembly, storage).

3) Would it make a difference if the Business and parking were on the first floor together?

4) Does the 2-hour requirement apply to vertical and/or horizontal separation?

5) Does the entire building have to be classified as business and then wouldn't be a mixed use building (e.g., no assembly or other occupancy including storage/parking)?

6) Wouldn't an assembly occupancy above a parking garage be a higher hazard than a business occupancy? Why isn't this code requirement included under the assembly section of the code as well?


Any other clarification would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you,