Retroactivity in NFPA 20.

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I have an pump room form the fire protection system wich was installed on 2001, in that year NFPA, it was installed with some parts listed and approved FM but other not, there is a list of the parts.


Vertical turbine Pump: 500gpm @125psi, there is no plate.

Angle gear drive: Amarillo Brand, made in mexico, not listed.

Diesel Driven: Cosielsa, made in mexico, not listed


The question is, the pump installation was according to NFPA 20, 1999 edition; if i want to change the diesel driven to one listed the retroactivity in the NFPA 20, 2016 admit to mix listed components with not listed? please help me.


1.4 Retroactivity. The provisions of this standard reflect a consensus of what is necessary to provide an acceptable degree of protection from the hazards addressed in this standard at the time the standard was issued.
1.4.1 Unless otherwise specified, the provisions of this standard shall not apply to facilities, equipment, structures, or installations that existed or were approved for construction or installation prior to the effective date of the standard. Where specified, the provisions of this standard shall be retroactive.
1.4.2 In those cases where the authority having jurisdiction determines that the existing situation presents an unacceptable degree of risk, the authority having jurisdiction shall be permitted to apply retroactively any portions of this standard deemed appropriate.
1.4.3 The retroactive requirements of this standard shall be permitted to be modified if their application clearly would be impractical in the judgment of the authority having jurisdiction, and only where it is clearly evident that a reasonable degree of safety is provided.